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The experience of over 100 years manufacturing high pressure steel cylinders and the relationships with two of the leading suppliers of CNG cylinders means savings for companies transitioning their fleets to CNG.

Fleets of all Sizes are converting to natural gas due to fuel cost differentials and interest in reducing emissions. Long term price and supply projections support strong ROI for companies who move to CNG to fuel their fleets.  PST can help your company’s fleet transition to natural gas with very safe, low cost CNG cylinders.  We are able to deliver  the highest quality and lowest cost cylinders because of our strong supplier relationships.  One with a recognized industry innovator of type 2 CNG cylinders and our exclusive North American distributor relationship with the premier, award winning international ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer of safe, high quality, low cost Type 1 high pressure cylinders. PST has been in the high pressure gas cylinder manufacturing business since 1902 and was a pioneer in the development of cylinders for every type of compressed gas.  This experience, combined with  relationships with the worlds premier high pressure cylinder manufacturers, makes us the right partner for your fleet transition.
CNG Cylinders
CNG Type 1 and 2 cylinders that are safe and affordable.
CNG Cylinder Valves
We stock valves that are authorized and approved for use with our cylinders.
CNG Cylinder Brackets
Available in all sizes for cylinders we distribute.